Stop Scapegoating Lower Income Students

Were Bolduc & Bracci ahead of the real news curve? You be the judge.

On July 8, 2017, Bolduc & Bracci posted “Why Johnny and Juan Can’t Read”, clearly demonstrating that Collier County Public Schools, based on Democrat and ACLU public education front groups like the Coalition for Quality Public Education (C4QPE), have created a massive decline in student reading readiness based on a belief in providing our students with incoherent, less challenging literature (often in the name of multiculturalism), rather than a literature rich, classical liberal arts education practiced by Jeb Bush’s private Phillips Andover Academy, John Kerry’s private St. Paul’s School and Collier County School Board member Kelly Lichter’s public, Mason Classical Academy.

Then on July 12, 2017, chief Education Fake News Reporter, Annika Hammershlag, of the Naples Daily News pens an article, “Report: Florida Students Face Higher Barriers To Learning Outside School Compared With Nation”, in a shameless effort to throw Florida and Collier County lower income students under the bus for performing well below lower income students of other states, like Massachusetts, where their High School students learned to read and develop critical thinking skills as Elementary students under Dr. Sandra Stotsky’s world class, classically-based, literature rich education standards. (Scrapped in 2010 for Common Core by Democrat Governor Deval Patrick, affectionately known as Obama “mini me”)

  1. US News & World Report of Barron Collier High School.
  2. US News & World Report of Chelsea, MA High School (Chelsea is ranked 347th in MA per capita income, and over 50% of residents were born outside the US).

Just look at the above links outlining the average US News & World Report English Readiness Score for Chelsea, MA vs. Barron Collier HS, and Florida vs. Massachusetts, which the Naples Daily News stated in 2015, can be compared across District and State lines.

Not only does Chelsea, MA outperform Barron Collier HS, Collier County’s top public high school in English Proficiency, but the average English Proficiency Percentage of 90% for Massachusetts absolutely crushes Florida’s Average English Proficiency of 50%.

Let’s stop using the bully pulpit of the Naples Daily News and Superintendent Kamela Patton’s bloated marketing budget, paid with your tax dollars, to throw Collier County low income students under the bus for poor scores, when the problem rests with the real perpetrators, Kamela Patton and her Democrat rubber-stamp board majority of Roy Terry, Eric Carter and Stephanie Lucarelli for denying all Collier County students with the literature rich, classical education model they crave, and proven to be the best in the world at breaking the cycle of poverty.

Does Annika Hammershlag create her own topics, or is she spoon fed her topics by the Patton Regime to cover for their billion dollar failures?

CNN & CCPS – A Match In Fake News Heaven

It appears CNN, the national Fake News Factory, has something in common with Collier County Public Schools (CCPS), the local Fake News Factory, and that is resorting to childish intimidation maneuvers by either releasing, or threatening to release, personal information of people who disagree with their highly propagandized inaccurate news, or in the case of CCPS, parents who disagree with their highly propagandized inaccurate textbooks.

Specifically, While CNN was rightfully denounced for “blackmail” when CNN threatened to out the guy who made the Trump vs. CNN wrestling parity video if he dares to defy their political perspective or offends them sufficiently in the future, all you heard from the local media, namely the Naples Daily News, was crickets when CCPS published all personal information of the seven parents who submitted formal objections to textbooks selected by Superintendent Kamela Patton’s Selection Committees stacked with Progressives and ACLU Saul Alinsky types pretending to advocate for quality public education.

Maybe Superintendent Patton’s Regime should spend less time messing with parents, constantly over-testing and data-mining teachers and students; and spend more time trying to raise 70% of CCPS Elementary Schools out of D-level and F-level percentages of 3rd grade students who test proficient in English.

And to eliminate any doubt that CCPS is an Education Fake News Factory, check out the attached two linked reports:

  1. Shadowlawn Elementary tested lowest in 3rd Grade English Proficiency at an abysmal 26%.
  2. Shadowlawn Elementary is rated an A School by the Florida Department of Education.

Apparently, a triple F minus is the new A?