Stop Scapegoating Lower Income Students

Were Bolduc & Bracci ahead of the real news curve? You be the judge.

On July 8, 2017, Bolduc & Bracci posted “Why Johnny and Juan Can’t Read”, clearly demonstrating that Collier County Public Schools, based on Democrat and ACLU public education front groups like the Coalition for Quality Public Education (C4QPE), have created a massive decline in student reading readiness based on a belief in providing our students with incoherent, less challenging literature (often in the name of multiculturalism), rather than a literature rich, classical liberal arts education practiced by Jeb Bush’s private Phillips Andover Academy, John Kerry’s private St. Paul’s School and Collier County School Board member Kelly Lichter’s public, Mason Classical Academy.

Then on July 12, 2017, chief Education Fake News Reporter, Annika Hammershlag, of the Naples Daily News pens an article, “Report: Florida Students Face Higher Barriers To Learning Outside School Compared With Nation”, in a shameless effort to throw Florida and Collier County lower income students under the bus for performing well below lower income students of other states, like Massachusetts, where their High School students learned to read and develop critical thinking skills as Elementary students under Dr. Sandra Stotsky’s world class, classically-based, literature rich education standards. (Scrapped in 2010 for Common Core by Democrat Governor Deval Patrick, affectionately known as Obama “mini me”)

  1. US News & World Report of Barron Collier High School.
  2. US News & World Report of Chelsea, MA High School (Chelsea is ranked 347th in MA per capita income, and over 50% of residents were born outside the US).

Just look at the above links outlining the average US News & World Report English Readiness Score for Chelsea, MA vs. Barron Collier HS, and Florida vs. Massachusetts, which the Naples Daily News stated in 2015, can be compared across District and State lines.

Not only does Chelsea, MA outperform Barron Collier HS, Collier County’s top public high school in English Proficiency, but the average English Proficiency Percentage of 90% for Massachusetts absolutely crushes Florida’s Average English Proficiency of 50%.

Let’s stop using the bully pulpit of the Naples Daily News and Superintendent Kamela Patton’s bloated marketing budget, paid with your tax dollars, to throw Collier County low income students under the bus for poor scores, when the problem rests with the real perpetrators, Kamela Patton and her Democrat rubber-stamp board majority of Roy Terry, Eric Carter and Stephanie Lucarelli for denying all Collier County students with the literature rich, classical education model they crave, and proven to be the best in the world at breaking the cycle of poverty.

Does Annika Hammershlag create her own topics, or is she spoon fed her topics by the Patton Regime to cover for their billion dollar failures?

CNN & CCPS – A Match In Fake News Heaven

It appears CNN, the national Fake News Factory, has something in common with Collier County Public Schools (CCPS), the local Fake News Factory, and that is resorting to childish intimidation maneuvers by either releasing, or threatening to release, personal information of people who disagree with their highly propagandized inaccurate news, or in the case of CCPS, parents who disagree with their highly propagandized inaccurate textbooks.

Specifically, While CNN was rightfully denounced for “blackmail” when CNN threatened to out the guy who made the Trump vs. CNN wrestling parity video if he dares to defy their political perspective or offends them sufficiently in the future, all you heard from the local media, namely the Naples Daily News, was crickets when CCPS published all personal information of the seven parents who submitted formal objections to textbooks selected by Superintendent Kamela Patton’s Selection Committees stacked with Progressives and ACLU Saul Alinsky types pretending to advocate for quality public education.

Maybe Superintendent Patton’s Regime should spend less time messing with parents, constantly over-testing and data-mining teachers and students; and spend more time trying to raise 70% of CCPS Elementary Schools out of D-level and F-level percentages of 3rd grade students who test proficient in English.

And to eliminate any doubt that CCPS is an Education Fake News Factory, check out the attached two linked reports:

  1. Shadowlawn Elementary tested lowest in 3rd Grade English Proficiency at an abysmal 26%.
  2. Shadowlawn Elementary is rated an A School by the Florida Department of Education.

Apparently, a triple F minus is the new A?

Why Johnny And Juan Can’t Read

Notable books, including Noble Prize winning Joseph Stiglitz’s The Price of Inequality, lay out in disheartening detail the growing inequality of income and opportunity in the United States, along with the decline of the middle class.

Early in the twentieth century, a democrat, liberal, progressive and socialist inadequate conception of education became dominant in the United States. It included a belief in the unimportance of factual knowledge, a decline in reading readiness based on an incoherent, less challenging literature (often in the name of multiculturalism) and a corresponding belief in the importance of training the mind through hands-on practical experience, much like CCPS Superintendent Patton’s corporate run “Pathways” goal to educate Collier schoolchildren via digital learning and tenuous “global responsibilities” and “21 Century Workforce Skills”.

In the 1920s and 1930s, these ideas began spreading to teacher-training institutions. It took two or three decades for the new teachers and administrators to take over from the old and for the new ideas to revolutionize schoolbooks and classroom practices. The first students to undergo this new schooling therefore began kindergarten in the 1950s and arrived in 12th grade in the 1960s.

Unfortunately, their Test scores showed the impact of socialist led education ideas. From 1945 to 1967, 12th-graders’ verbal scores on the SAT and other tests had risen. But then those scores plummeted. Cornell economist John Bishop wrote:

“the historically unprecedented nature of the test score decline that began around 1967. Prior to that year test scores had been rising steadily for 50 years.”

Some scholars thought that the precipitous fall of verbal SAT scores simply reflected an increase in the percentage of low-income students taking the SAT. But since it was observed that the same downhill pattern had occurred in verbal scores on the Iowa Test of Educational Development—a test given to all Iowa high school students, who were 98 percent white and mostly middle-class, many argued that the declining effectiveness of American schools was a leading indicator for the shrinking income of the American middle class. The evidence today suggests that people who spoke out against democrat-run education programs were right. The decline in the educational productivity of our schools tracks our decline in income equality.

Later, several scholars showed that the decline of the verbal SAT scores was indeed correlated with a dumbing-down of American schoolbooks and literature books. These scholars found that publishers, under the influence of progressive educational theories, had begun to use simplified language and smaller vocabularies which demonstrated that the dilution of knowledge and vocabulary, rather than poverty, explained most of the test-score drop.

In 1965, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) became the educational vehicle for the civil rights movement and Great Society with the aim of narrowing achievement gaps by providing every child with a fair and equal opportunity to achieve an exceptional education. The federal government sought to realize that aim primarily by throwing money and regulations at the public school system. In other words, it created a government monstrosity which contributed Dewey-style progressive education and “critical pedagogical theory,” a Marxian approach to social justice that

“identifies economic inequities caused by capitalism as the primary reason for the existence of achievement gaps.”

Interesting, since 1965, trillions of your tax dollars have been spent in the name of progressive social justice education, yet The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Long-Term Trend Assessments in 2012 found that achievement gaps for 17-year-old black and Hispanic students have not improved since the early 1970s.

Chicago economist James Heckman argued that the skill gaps of disadvantaged children from poor family environments at the end of high school

“are basically the same gaps that were there when they entered Kindergarten.”

Even the New York Times commented that:

“Children of mothers who had graduated from college scored much higher at age 3 than those whose mothers had dropped out of high school, proof of the advantage for young children of living in rich, stimulating environments.”

More surprising is that the difference in cognitive performance was just as big at age 18 as it had been at age 3.

“School neither increases nor reduces it.”

E.D. Hirsch Jr. has argued for 30 years that the key to building students’ vocabularies, and thus their ability to read, learn, and hold a well paying job in life, is content knowledge.

Far from being an elitist East or West Coast Democrat, he insists, a high level of literacy is the path to educational equality and full citizenship for the nation’s minority groups.

“Cultural literacy constitutes the only sure avenue of opportunity for disadvantaged children,” Hirsch writes, and “the only reliable way of combating the social determinism that now condemns them to remain in the same social and educational condition as their parents. That children from poor and illiterate homes tend to remain poor and illiterate is an unacceptable failure of our schools, one which has occurred not because our teachers are inept but chiefly because they are compelled to teach a fragmented curriculum based on faulty educational theories.”

“The best schools and teachers have already taken some of the steps that I’ve advocated.”

Indeed, which brings us to the central theme of our post, and that is, isn’t it interesting the Naples Daily News failed to report on the recently released 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency Scores for Collier County Public Schools, where roughly 70% of Collier County Elementary Schools suffering under Superintendent Patton’s progressive dumbed-down curriculum scored D-level or F-Level in percentage of 3rd graders scoring Proficient in English?

But even more interesting, the Naples Daily News failed to report that Mason Classical Academy, a Charter School which utilizes E.D. Hirsh’s Core Knowledge Curriculum, scored 90% in 3rd Grade Proficiency, the highest of any Elementary School in Collier County.

Superintendent Patton’s soul crushing curriculum based on failed progressive education quackery, is crushing the future of the vast majority of Collier County schoolchildren, and worst of all, her curriculum is hurting less fortunate minority students the most, the very group she pretends to care for while flushing $976 million of your tax dollars down the toilet on an annual basis.

Collier Schools and Eugenics








As Bolduc and Bracci first reported on June 16 as part of the “Daily News Propaganda Machine” post, the paper of record in Naples touted Ed Morton as a “respected educational and civic leader” as a means to justify a contract extension from 2020 to 2021 for Superintendent Kamela Patton.

And on the heels of Ed Morton’s recent self-destructive comment where he feels:

Colleges should teach women how to negotiate better salaries, because there may be a “genetic” explanation for why female graduates of the state’s public universities make less money than their male peers.

Bolduc and Bracci are reporting that new School Board members Erick Carter and Stephanie Luccarelli had their campaigns significantly funded by the Collier County Education Association (CCEA), another group which promotes and seeks School Board campaign guidance from Planned Parenthood, the largest promoter of Eugenics in the world today.

Eugenics, as a refresher, is the debunked pseudo-science of supposedly improving the human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics. Developed largely by Francis Galton (Charles Darwin’s cousin, and Darwin practiced Eugenics by marrying his first cousin because he thought his bloodline was superior to most others) as a method of improving the human race, it fell into public disfavor only after the public realized United States Eugenics was the central basis of Nazi Germany’s deadly racial purity laws.

You see, as pictured above, Margret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder, was a deep and unapologetic racist, who bragged about speaking at so many KKK rallies, that Planned Parenthood should rightfully change their name to Klanned Parenthood. Also, notice the 45 degree salute well before the Nazi’s came to power in Germany. Should the Nazi salute be renamed the Klanned Parenthood salute too?

So how does the Collier County Education Association fit in? As documented in the attached link, the Collier County Education Association invited John Levy, Vice Chair Planned Parenthood Collier County, to address their membership in the summer of 2015 about the importance of the 2016 School Board election.

Now that it has been established the Collier County Teachers Union relies on Planned Parenthood for School Board election advice and strategy, here are a few of Margret Sanger’s wonderful quotes:

“Organized charity itself is a symptom of a malignant social disease.”

“Segregation of men, women and children who never should have been born.”

“Making sure that parenthood is absolutely prohibited to the feeble minded.”

“The Negro problem is one of the most complicated and important confronting America. Whatever the ultimate answer may be, such an attitude brings to light the function of birth control as a necessary agency in its solution. The present submerged condition of the Negro is due in large part to the high fertility of the race under disastrously advice. Thus, the question arises to what extent birth control has had a Eugenic effect upon the Negro race.”

If any question should remain about Sanger’s racist agenda, a 1939 letter she wrote to Dr. Clarence Gamble should remove all doubt:

“We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

No wonder local Democrats formed a PAC to fund Stephanie Lucarelli and Erick Carter’s campaign to the tune of $250,000, beholding them to the CCEA, Collier Democrats and Planned Parenthood’s racist Eugenics agenda.

Notice how all parties come together in the attached link…..Collier Democrats host Planned Parenthood at their monthly meeting held at Collier County Education Association’s Headquarters before funding Erick Carter and Stephanie Lucarelli by over a quarter million dollars.

Lastly, if Carter and Lucarelli supporting Democrats and CCEA leaders try and tell you Planned Parenthood and abortion currently has nothing to due with Eugenics, in March 1973, two months after Roe v Wade was handed down, Frederick Osborn, a former head of the American Eugenics Society and the president of the Rockefeller funded Population Council, changed its name to the “Society for the Study of Social Biology.” The announcement said: “The change of name of the Society does not coincide with any change of its interests or policies.”  Indeed, already in 1968 they had changed the name of their journal, Eugenics Journal, to Social Biology… which, by the way, still exists, and is housed at Duke University.

Osborn explained the reason for the new name of the journal:

“The name was changed because it became evident that changes of a eugenic nature would be made for reasons other than eugenics, and that tying a eugenic label on them would more often hinder than help their adoption. Birth control and abortion are turning out to be great eugenic advances of our time. If they had been advanced for eugenic reasons it would have retarded or stopped their acceptance.”

Our children’s education should not be controlled and influenced by supporters of racist Eugenics.

Master of Puppets

By Bolduc and Bracci

It has been 31 years since the band Genesis released their classic “Land of Confusion” video starring puppets, and with the printing of two Naples Daily News hit pieces on Kelly Lichter and Mason Classical Academy this week, perhaps an updated video should be created starring School Board members Roy Terry, Eric Carter and Stephanie Lucarelli, along with Daily News reporter Annika Hammershlag, as puppets of Superintendent Kamela Patton and her billion dollar failing regime.

Overall, within the last two months, U.S. News and World Report has reported the average English Readiness Score for Collier County High Schools is 55%. Couple this with the recent release by the State of Florida of 3rd grade English scores which demonstrated over two thirds of CCPS run Elementary Schools are either D-Level or F-Level in English proficiency, and the Patton regime is in need of some serious damage control.

Given this academic horror show, and the fact Mason Classical Academy scored the highest in Collier County in 3rd grade English proficiency at 90% by not following Patton and AdvancED’s destructive Digital Learning curriculum, it appears Patton has cranked up her Mighty Wurlitzer Propaganda Machine with the Naples Daily News; all scripted and acted by her puppets Terry, Carter, Lucarelli and Hammershlag, to create a fake news controversy at Mason Classical Academy in order to deflect the public’s attention away from her academic disaster zone.

To be more specific, Naples Daily News reporter Annika Hammershlag ran two hit pieces this week claiming Kelly Lichter was financially damaging Mason Classical Academy by resisting clear financial extortion by former Mason board member, Matt Mathias, for not accepting a $1.38 million loan at 9 percent interest over five years if Lichter would resign from Mason’s board.

The Naples Daily News and Annika Hammershlag owe an apology to Kelly Lichter and Mason Classical Academy for the following deceptive reporting practices:

  1. Hammershalg never revealed it was Matt Mathias who triggered Mason’s special board meeting in the first place to consider a $1.38 million emergency loan because Mathias sent a demand letter that $1.0 million of existing loans were being called in due to undocumented and unsubstantiated claims that his clients were unhappy with Kelly Lichter’s leadership.
  2. Hammershlag greatly exaggerated the potential financial damage to Mason. Relying on then-board member, Byron Donalds, who is now a state legislator, stating that the higher interest loan – 14 percent compared to the 9 percent offered by Mathias – would cost the school nearly $120,000 more a year. That is ludicrous, the annual difference between 14 percent and 9 percent on a $1.38 million loan is closer to $60,000, not the exaggerated $120,000 claimed by Byron Donalds, and parroted by the Naples Daily News.
  3. What happened to Ethics and standing up to financial extortion? Do Mason’s Bylaws state their board will be selected by whoever comes up with million dollar loans at the lowest interest rate?
  4. Since the Daily News disclosed this financial debate occurred in May 2016, why did they sit on the story until June 2017, and publish the first story on the morning of the CCPS Board Meeting where Mason’s Charter Contract was under consideration for extension?
  5. Oh that’s right, so Roy Terry, Eric Carter and Stephanie Lucarelli could express their “concerns” with extending Mason’s contract later in the evening.
  6. Then, to put icing on the Daily News’ cake of gutter journalism, no loan for $1.38 million was ever taken out by Mason in May of 2016. Not at 14 percent, not a 9 percent, never. That’s right, Annika Hammershlag and the Daily News ran two hit pieces claiming Lichter’s management style could potentially cost Mason over $1.0 million, when the loan in question never materialized or existed.

If not for Kelly Lichter’s insistence on standing for principles in the face of treachery, Mason Classical may not have had the fortitude to withstand the strong-arm tactics of Superintendent Patton and District General Counsel Jon Fishbane who attempted to force Mason to agree to accreditation review by the globalist AdvancEd organization, which would have thrown Mason’s classical-Constitutionalist Hillsdale College education model out the window.

Led by Lichter who has repeatedly shown a Thatcher-like steely spine, Mason stood up to the Patton-Fishbane onslaught, and correctly told them to stuff it.

The District should focus on improving its own disastrous educational performance – not meddling with Mason’s success.

Such a shame Superintendent Patton does not embrace Mason Classical Academy’s outstanding curriculum, teacher freedom and near zero reliance on standardized tests in order to find ways to improve her 22 D-Level and F-Level CCPS Elementary Schools. Instead, she appears to spend more time and energy orchestrating hit pieces with the Daily News; all acted out by her puppets Roy Terry, Eric Carter, Stephanie Lucarelli and Annika Hammerschlag.

Daily News Propaganda Machine

By David Bolduc

If you want to track a local fake news story this weekend, then go read the recent Naples Daily News Editorial titled, “Missed opportunity to avoid election conflict”.

In it, the Daily News Editorial staff opined that since the Collier County School Board did not extend Superintendent Kamela Patton’s contract from June 2020 to a least June 2022, it will somehow create School Board election conflict in 2018 and 2020.

Bolduc and Bracci find the Daily News’ reasoning on why Superintendent Patton’s contract should be extended to be symptomatic of their relentless propaganda campaign to praise Superintendent Patton for useless, undefined accomplishments, yet never measure Patton on academic results.

Just look at the cast of “respected educational and civic leaders” the Daily News quoted to back-up their argument.

First, it was Ed Morton, who serves on the university board of governors in Florida, stating,

“We cannot allow someone of this talent and ability to slip through our fingers”.

Really, Ed? Take a look at the attached 3rd Grade English Language Arts Scores, and the percentage which scored 3 or above. Shockingly, two thirds of Collier County Elementary Schools scored D-level or F-level in 3rd Grade English.

Worse yet, since the 3rd Grade average scoring 3 or above was 57%, the students never recover from Superintendent Patton’s horrible Digital Learning and AdvancED elimination of teachers programs; as evidenced by the attached US News and World Report High School Ranking, where 45% of Collier County High School students graduate not knowing how to read and write at a 12th grade level.

Maybe Ed Morton likes this? More remedial classes, and more money for the Florida university system.

Then the Daily News rolls out former board member Kathleen Curatolo; who was such an authoritarian, the District got sued, and lost, because of Curatolo’s embarrassing quest to silence the First Amendment Rights of Public Speakers.

This propaganda machine needs to be exposed. Maybe we should refer to the newspaper of record in this town as the “Naples Daily Propaganda News on Superintendent Patton”.