Vote “No” to Permanent Daylight Savings Time in Florida

An e-mail to Rep. Byron Donalds asking him to vote “no” to the hastily-planned legislation to make Daylight Savings Time permanent in Florida. 

From: Steve Bracci
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2018 2:11 PM
To: ‘’ <>
Subject: Vote “No” to Permanent Daylight Savings Time

Byron – please vote “no” to Permanent Daylight Savings Time.  It will make Florida fatter and lazier.  Legislators are apparently focusing on longer evenings.  But those of us who are motivated to stay in shape by getting outside early in the morning, will now have to do it in perpetual darkness, or simply quit altogether.  Sunrise at 8:00 a.m.??

More biking accidents, running accidents, other mischief towards those trying to get some early morning outdoor exercise.

Do school times have to adjust next for a later start time to avoid students waiting in pitch darkness at bus stops?  Of course, if the schools push back their school start times an hour, then the school end times will also get pushed back.  Wouldn’t that then negate the “longer evening” argument?

The fact that this is rushing through both houses so quickly seems to have more to do with a bunch of legislators sowing their oats because they have “the power to change time,” than it has to do with any real merit.  Where are the studies?  From what I read, it’s entirely based on Sen. Steube going to the barbershop to get his hair cut.

See article:

This is a waste of legislative time.  Much bigger problems to solve.


Steve Bracci

4 thoughts on “Vote “No” to Permanent Daylight Savings Time in Florida”

  1. I wish we would negate Daylight Saving Time completely! Think of the money, effort & “time” we could save adhering to nature’s directives. The need for the program is long over and NEVER should we consider making it permanent.

  2. This is something that the Chamber of Commerce has been pushing for years! They contend that stores can stay open longer & people will shop more.

  3. what are legislators thinking? Ben Franklin started this. At noon, the sun is directly overhead. Time can be better understood when you know where the sun is in the sky. what possible reason can you make to change the way things are? Get on to matters of important. You would certainly lose my vote, and the vote for whoever is running for re election on this distraction.

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