Congrats to Kamela Patton! Superintendent of the Year Twice in Two Months!!

Hello after a bit of a hiatus!

Congratulations to Superintendent Kamela Patton on being named the Florida Education Music Association’s Superintendent of the Year because she used to play the flute. Also because Patton changed STEM to STEAM a couple years ago (following Sports Club’s lead who had made that change a year before Patton).

Bolduc & Bracci was not aware that the school district did not have music before STEM became STEAM two years ago (adding the “A” for art).  Thank God Patton changed the name!  Kind of like Blue Zones – remember how our schools and community never had wellness or walking until Blue Zones came along and saved us all?

It is no wonder Patton received such an award given this “Patton’s Big Adventure” video produced at the taxpayer’s expense by Patton’s Ministry of Propaganda also known as the “Communications Department,” transforming Patton from mere mortal into superhero:

B&B cannot decide which award is more prestigious – the “Star” Superintendent award Patton received in November because she helped students fill out financial aid forms, or this new award because Patton used to play the flute.

B&B ponders whether our community will ever honor Principal Hull of Mason Classical Academy for that institution’s actual classroom excellence (we are not sure if Principal Hull ever played the flute though).

Patton must really feel fulfilled, especially when the awards she receives are from associations where she or one of her pals serves as a board member.  Nothing like a little self-awarding!

Stay tuned to B&B for a few “awards” of our own………..


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