Fuzzy Math With CCPS AICE Scores

As reported by Bolduc and Bracci on August 25, it appears the District has developed a disturbing habit of cherry-picking the “highlights” of District test scores, while simultaneously ignoring the “lowlights” of District test scores so they can be addressed and improved upon.

Case in point; the District’s recent Press Release on Cambridge AICE scores highlighted AICE subjects where the District scored over 90% – Global Research Perspectives (97%), Media Studies (92%), and Spanish Language (97%), yet was silent on the District’s very poor performance on key subjects such as – Biology (25%) , History (36%), English Literature (29%), Chemistry (0%) and Math (0%). (click here)

Not to be outdone, the Naples Daily News, otherwise known as the daily apologist for Superintendent Kamela Patton’s bloated $1.05 Billion budget to educate 47,000 students, while delivering English Proficiency scores across all grades in the 50s (Still an F), published another puff-piece, titled:

“Collier’s Cambridge students passed AICE Exam at higher rate than national average” (click here)

Interesting, Naples Daily News Education Reporter, Annika Hammershlagg, failed to mention the biggest reason why Collier’s average pass rate went from 70% in FY16 to 75% in FY17, which is Kamela Patton’s tried-and-true friend……cherry-picking.

You see, per the previously linked District Press Release on Cambridge AICE scores, (click here) in FY16, the District Scored a 30% in Chemistry and 29% in Mathematics. So, rather than work on improving the District’s pass percentage in these key STEM disciplines, what does Superintendent Patton do? Easy, just drop the two tests all together for FY17. That’s right, Ms. STEM just drops the exams because the taxpayers will find out they are sending over a Billion dollars of their hard earned money to a STEM Emperor with no clothes (apologies for the visual).

Then, once Superintendent Patton drops key STEM exams, she simultaneously pushes to increase the number of students taking AICE General Paper from 548 to 1409, which accounts for an astonishing 40% of all students taking an AICE Exam across all subjects.

So why did Superintendent Patton funnel so many students into AICE General Paper for FY17? Not sure, but do you think the fact that AICE General Paper had a 96% pass rate the year before had something to do with it?

Based on the above, it’s clear the Naples Daily News’ so called Education Reporter does zero investigative research when reporting on District test results. But rather, just regurgitates Kamela Patton’s Press Release so the public will not be outraged at receiving McDonald’s Education results, after being promised Capital Grille quality for over $22,000 per student.