CNN & CCPS – A Match In Fake News Heaven

It appears CNN, the national Fake News Factory, has something in common with Collier County Public Schools (CCPS), the local Fake News Factory, and that is resorting to childish intimidation maneuvers by either releasing, or threatening to release, personal information of people who disagree with their highly propagandized inaccurate news, or in the case of CCPS, parents who disagree with their highly propagandized inaccurate textbooks.

Specifically, While CNN was rightfully denounced for “blackmail” when CNN threatened to out the guy who made the Trump vs. CNN wrestling parity video if he dares to defy their political perspective or offends them sufficiently in the future, all you heard from the local media, namely the Naples Daily News, was crickets when CCPS published all personal information of the seven parents who submitted formal objections to textbooks selected by Superintendent Kamela Patton’s Selection Committees stacked with Progressives and ACLU Saul Alinsky types pretending to advocate for quality public education.

Maybe Superintendent Patton’s Regime should spend less time messing with parents, constantly over-testing and data-mining teachers and students; and spend more time trying to raise 70% of CCPS Elementary Schools out of D-level and F-level percentages of 3rd grade students who test proficient in English.

And to eliminate any doubt that CCPS is an Education Fake News Factory, check out the attached two linked reports:

  1. Shadowlawn Elementary tested lowest in 3rd Grade English Proficiency at an abysmal 26%.
  2. Shadowlawn Elementary is rated an A School by the Florida Department of Education.

Apparently, a triple F minus is the new A?

3 thoughts on “CNN & CCPS – A Match In Fake News Heaven”

  1. This is absolutely disgraceful on the part of the CCPS. The Superintendent needs to go, along with the others on the board who are clearly progressives according to their votes and policies they have adopted.

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