If Allen Weiss is So Influential, Why is He Pandering For Votes?

Last week, NCH President/Naples Chamber board member Dr. Allen Weiss circulated an email shamelessly begging people to vote for him as one of the “100 Most Influential People In Healthcare.”

[Click here for Weiss’ email]

Perhaps we are missing something here, but if Weiss is so influential in healthcare, why does he need to pander for votes?

Amongst Weiss’ justifications is his advocacy for the Blue Zones Project which he and other elites including Superintendent Kamela Patton and NDN Publisher William “Bill” Barker, orchestrated behind closed doors under instructions to conceal their public record work product until after they had signed it, as reported by B&B on  April 7, 2017.

The Blue Zones Project and Weiss’ “most influential” campaign have one thing in common:   both strive to appear as if they are organic movements, when really they are just smoke-and-mirrors being imposed upon the public by the Collier County elite deep state.

What better way to strengthen their imperial power than to have one of their own gain nationwide status.

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