Daily News Propaganda Machine

By David Bolduc

If you want to track a local fake news story this weekend, then go read the recent Naples Daily News Editorial titled, “Missed opportunity to avoid election conflict”.

In it, the Daily News Editorial staff opined that since the Collier County School Board did not extend Superintendent Kamela Patton’s contract from June 2020 to a least June 2022, it will somehow create School Board election conflict in 2018 and 2020.

Bolduc and Bracci find the Daily News’ reasoning on why Superintendent Patton’s contract should be extended to be symptomatic of their relentless propaganda campaign to praise Superintendent Patton for useless, undefined accomplishments, yet never measure Patton on academic results.

Just look at the cast of “respected educational and civic leaders” the Daily News quoted to back-up their argument.

First, it was Ed Morton, who serves on the university board of governors in Florida, stating,

“We cannot allow someone of this talent and ability to slip through our fingers”.

Really, Ed? Take a look at the attached 3rd Grade English Language Arts Scores, and the percentage which scored 3 or above. Shockingly, two thirds of Collier County Elementary Schools scored D-level or F-level in 3rd Grade English.

Worse yet, since the 3rd Grade average scoring 3 or above was 57%, the students never recover from Superintendent Patton’s horrible Digital Learning and AdvancED elimination of teachers programs; as evidenced by the attached US News and World Report High School Ranking, where 45% of Collier County High School students graduate not knowing how to read and write at a 12th grade level.

Maybe Ed Morton likes this? More remedial classes, and more money for the Florida university system.

Then the Daily News rolls out former board member Kathleen Curatolo; who was such an authoritarian, the District got sued, and lost, because of Curatolo’s embarrassing quest to silence the First Amendment Rights of Public Speakers.

This propaganda machine needs to be exposed. Maybe we should refer to the newspaper of record in this town as the “Naples Daily Propaganda News on Superintendent Patton”.

8 thoughts on “Daily News Propaganda Machine”

  1. My niece recently graduated with honors in the Top Ten at St. John Neumann Catholic High School (SJN) in Naples. Mr. Ed Morton gave the commencement address on May 17th wherein told the audience that his own children GRADUATED from SJN. However, at the June 13th CCPS School Board meeting, Mr. Morton told the School Board and the audience that his children ATTENDED Collier County Public Schools. So, what’s up with the twisted words, Ed? Trying to have it both ways? Your kids attended CCPS, but had to get out of the failing public schools in order to finish high school and get a better education at St. John Neumann?

    1. Great information, Dr. Doyle. It sounds like SJN needs to do a better job of screening its commencement speakers. SJN should be rightly incensed that Mr. Morton threw SJN under the bus one month to the day after delivering the commencement address. Perhaps the Chamber-elite crowd figures they can milk more out of the $1BB CCPS cow than the SJN calf.

  2. I have four children. Two attended SJN and two attended CCPSS. Those attending CCPSS got a far superior education. I have numerous grandchildren in CCPSS and I and my wife have dedicated many years to the CCPSS last night after my own children graduated.
    Edward Morton. To paraphrase Jefferson…
    “Error of opinion must be tolerated as long as reason is left free to confront it”.

    1. We can tell it’s June when Ed Morton makes his once-annual pilgrimage to the School Board meeting to prop up his pal Kam Patton for another contract extension. That elite-Chamber crowd really does have each other’s back. While the rest of us are busy making ends meet, the Chamber elites are rubbing elbows with government big-wigs like Superintendent Patton. Does anyone ever wonder why there are so many high ranking government officials on the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce board? Is our county’s “Commerce” so dependent on government — including the School District’s fat $1 billion annual budget?

    2. Ed I respect your right to support the Super and your personal satisfaction with her. I actually like her personally. With that said, you are probably unaware of some of the hardships that she dished out to students due to her political leanings. My daughter graduated from PRHS is 2014. She was, is, the Valedictorian. She was # 1 in her graduating class. That is on the record. She was DENIED the opportunity to give the usual Valedictorian speech at graduation by the Super due to the fact that my politics and hers do not match up. Do you support this as well. Is that what you think a Super should ? I would love to know ! I invite you to see me in person about this if you wish to hear the truth. My cell number is 293-9701. Feel free to call me for a civil discussion about this so that you can hear the other side of things if you are interested. BTW, I have aired this issue on my weekly radio show. JW

      1. Joe, you bring up an interesting point about “political leanings” –voter registration records reveal that Supt Patton is a “Registered Republican”–a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

        1. Label means nothing these days. Do not listen to what they say, rather, look at what they do. There are loads of “R’s” who should get an F when it comes to being a Conservative Constitutionalist ! JW

  3. Engaging comments. Mr. Whitehead you must be proud of your daughter. Finished first in her class and at 18 likely took a stand not heralded at the top and stayed with it. Makes me think that a lot of the education takes place at home.

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