Superintendent Patton Leaves Parents off of Textbook Review Committees in Violation of Florida Law

By Steve Bracci:

Superintendent Kamela Patton has once again proverbially thumbed her nose at Collier County parents, this time leaving them off of textbook review committees in violation of Florida law.

At the School Board meeting on April 11, 2017, Patton presented to the school board the final “selections” of the Superintendent’s textbook review committees.   The board then voted to approve all textbook selections.

Florida Statute 1006.283 states that “If a district school board chooses to implement its own instructional materials program, the school board shall adopt rules…which must include…Selection of reviewers, one or more of whom must be parents with children in public schools.

The textbooks for these 13 subjects were selected by committees with no parent member:

Middle School Civics, United States Government, Constitutional Law Honors, Court Procedures, Legal Systems & Concepts, Law Studies, Comprehensive Law Studies, AP United States Government & Politics, AP Comparative Government & Politics, Sociology, Psychology I & II, AP Psychology, AP Human Geography.

Click on the above links for proof.

These are important courses, and our Florida Legislature believes it is in the best interest of Florida citizens and students that the textbook review committees include at least one parent reviewer.  Apparently Superintendent Patton thinks that she is above the law enacted by our representatives in Tallahassee.

The snubbing of parents has been a theme with Superintendent Patton for years now, dating back to her planned 2013 closed door takeover of after school programs.  Back then the district announced the takeover a day before the end of the school year, and followed through with the takeover despite 700+ parents who signed a petition protesting the Patton Administration.  This episode ultimately led to the formation of the Parents ROCK organization (“Parents Rights of Choice for Kids”).

Four years later — and Patton is still disrespecting parents.

Folks, you should e-mail your school board members and the Superintendent, and demand that the school board’s approval of these 13 course textbooks must be rescinded since they are void ab initio in violation of Florida law.

A complete do-over is required — WITH PARENT REPRESENTATION!

Send your emails to:

Lichter, Kelly <>; Donalds, Erika <>; Carter, Erick <>; Lucarelli, Stephanie <>; Terry, Roy <>; Patton, Kamela <>



2 thoughts on “Superintendent Patton Leaves Parents off of Textbook Review Committees in Violation of Florida Law”

  1. This really frustrates me. There was a big to-do a couple years ago about parents not being involved in the review process, and Ms. Patton doesn’t seem to have changed course at all.

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